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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but no, I haven’t lost my mind and no, I am not kidding. The anti Israel folk along with the Arabs have completely fabricated a national history in order to justify attacking Israel and murdering Jews. They have not spared any lack of integrity to do so and the passport below is just one example. Did you catch it? They claim this was a passport of the Arab country called Palestine, then I Googled it and found the real passport which was a British document and not an Arab one. #AnotherPalestineLie

For those of you who have been following me (@israel_shield) on Twitter, you know that I spend a good part of my time battling and destroying anti-Israel propaganda and lies and this Palestine issue is at the top of my list. I know an area called Palestine existed; the Romans coined that name when they occupied Israel from the Jews long before Islam ever existed.



Modern day Palestine was a geographical area that included what is today Jordan and was governed by the British Mandate. Palestine was NEVER an Arab State, country or national home for a people who call themselves Palestinians. A Palestinian nation is a farce, a bluff and a blatant lie. There was no such thing as a Palestinian nation and all the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are actually Arabs from surrounding countries. This is not just my opinion, this is what their own leaders say loud and clear!


1. The Palestine Pound and Currency

Palestinian Pound, English, Hebrew and Arabic Languages

The Palestine Pound was the currency used by the British Mandate from 1927 – 1948. Arabs and especially Palestinians have absolutely nothing to do with this bill.

Take a closer look at that bill.

  • The Palestine Currency Board was not Arab. In August 1948, new banknotes were issued by the Anglo Palestine Company which was owned by the Jewish Agency.

  • See the Hebrew writing there? E.Y. stands for Eretz Yisrael which in plain English means Land Of Israel!

  • Once again Hebrew writing on this bill proves this was NOT an Arab printed bill. Till today, Israeli currency has on it Hebrew, Arabic and English writing.

These Palestinian BRITISH coins are sometimes used as well to try to prove the Palestine lie to be true. Once again, the coin was not minted by Arabs and what is written on the coin proves just how far Palestine was from being an Arab country.

The Hebrew writing on this coin says Land Of Israel.

2. The Palestine Post Before the modern day State of Israel there was a newspaper called The Palestine Post. If The Palestine Post was an Arab Palestinian national newspaper, this May 16, 1948 headline might seem a bit strange.

The fact that the Palestine Post was a JEWISH publication later to be known as The Jerusalem Post might make it easier to understand why the paper above was reporting Israel’s birth and not the fake Palestinian story.

3. The Palestine Brigade There was a full platoon of soldiers who fought with the British against the Nazis and they were called the Palestine Brigade and this what they looked like – to the right is the pin they wore on their hats.

There was one small detail I forgot to disclose – the Palestine Brigade was a JEWISH British unit that helped the British fight the Nazis. There were also Muslims who fought in WWII but they were on the Nazi side!

4. Palestinian Passport I have been sent pictures of Palestinian passports and I am guessing those who sent me pictures like the one below thought they had me cornered. Unfortunately for them, a simple Google search helped expose their attempt at a very poor photo shop job!

Can you find the difference?


Original British Passport of Palestine

Once again this is a BRITISH Palestine passport and not one that belonged to an Arab country called Palestine.

5. The National Palestine Basketball team This is definitely the most pathetic attempt to prove an Arab Palestine country existed before Israel. Someone tweeted me this picture and dared me to explain how I still do not accept the fact that Palestine existed before Israel occupied it from the Arabs.

Well, this certainly is the Palestine basketball team but they are not Arab, Jewish or British. This is a photograph of the Illinois Palestine high school basketball varsity team!

This is what the Palestine team looks like today.

For those of you still not convinced, I challenge you to find me a year when an Arab Palestine country ever existed before Israel. If you do, I take down the Israel Shield Blog!

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